Depravity’s Demise

When you believe in lies

You become what you despise

A product of a broken system

Based on mechanistic vision

Equivocate and oscillate

But you lack the power to create

The molecular structure rearranging

The definition always changing

Look down and stare

Your feet are planted in the air

Look around and find

Misdirection directing your mind

Reality is made of wax

Based on your interpretation of facts

Predetermined by biology

Invalidating anthropology

Truth is merely what you make it

When you pick any claim at all and stake it

Another dimension has merged with your own

An altered state of consciousness has been awakened

A greater purpose is becoming known

The pillars of reality have been shaken

In flashes of lightning

Catch a glimpse of a new world dawning

Through cracks in the pavement

The world is breathing beneath your feet

Your deepest scars become channels of light to the world

Your brokenness a conduit for reconciliation

You are becoming what you are

You are becoming what you already are

The world is infinitely larger than you thought

You thought you walked along the path

But there is only your trajectory

The path is in the going

The nations conspire and plot in vain

The kingdoms of the earth make their stands

The rulers of the world gather to throw off their chains

The armies of men raise swords in their hands

They have risen up in their eyes

And plotted their own demise

To overthrow their sovereign and his chosen one

But they are powerless to undo what has already been done

They have gathered for eternal isolation

And raised swords to bring about their own final devastation

From the throne, laughter gives way to resentment

And the earth shudders at the approaching judgment

Evisceration, introspection

Self inflected vivisection

Tearing the flesh from the bone

Ripping it, pulling it back

Revealing beneath even deeper, darker layers

Of never ending wickedness lurking within

Mesmerizing darkness surrounding

Consciousness descending

Twisting through caverns of temporal disillusion

No prospect of escape

Without claws that cut more deeply

Without teeth that sever more completely

There’s no anticipation of regeneration

Without otherworldly intervention

Streams of light are now emerging

Through gashes in the dead

This moment and forever are now converging

Revealing life instead

Mesmerizing brightness surrounding

Consciousness ascending

From beneath the wretched mass of discarded flesh

From the place where there was no prospect of escape

Attune your ears to the haunting sound

Of wind passing through the keyhole

Down the corridors of your empty soul

Dispelling Illusions of self-sufficiency

Now witness the unveiling of a new paradigm

Another genesis

A new design

Witness a change occurring

The reversal of planetary motion

A revolution stirring

To bring about restoration

Where something always comes from nothing

And life only comes from non-life

In a whirlpool of utter darkness

A light emerges

The effects of death work in reverse

To make defeat into victory

And all sad things to come untrue

And every opposition into opportunity

Dispelling Illusions

Your eyes are open

The cycle is broken

This is a time of elimination

Of surrendering hope in our autonomy

This is an epoch of destruction

Of discarding investments in our humanity

We must relinquish any hope we’ve placed

Misplaced trust in our posterity

We must reject any confidence

Confidence in our ability

To reclaim our deadened souls

From this plague that pervades our form

To bring light out of black holes

So we can be transformed

If we would remain deluded

Concerning the insufficiency of our mortal resonance

We would just be shouting in a vacuum

Trying to wake a sleeping world

There must be a more powerful frequency

Imperceptible to our sensory apparatus

That breaks the patterns of the soul

And severs stubborn hands that won’t let go

Make no mistake

Letting go is like death

It’s like choking on your last breath

Follow this thread of light

That leads away from here

Far from your chosen plight

Into the mouth of what you fear

Oh, it’s not safe

But it is essential

To find your way

You must go

By now you have discerned

This is the fate you’ve always spurned

But could not avoid

It’s for this purpose you were meant

Just embrace the descent

And taste the silence of the void

Traverse the catacombs of your mind

Navigate the labyrinths you will find

Knowing sure destruction lies behind

With dripping fangs and grinning jaws

Hungry eyes and bloodstained claws

Of this you can be certain

Of this there is no doubt

Follow this thread of light

It is your only way out

There is more to life

Than what we see

An invisible dimension of reality

Woven into the material

Threaded through the corporeal

Transcendent but immanent

Imperceptible but influential

Greater than we could ever imagine

Is the wickedness within us

Yet completely eclipsed by an even greater forgiveness

Permeating reality, the fabric of our existence

Bleeding into everything we know

There is existence beyond the walls of this world

A canvas yet to be unfurled

More than we could ever envision

Enters our realm through deep incisions

Through innocence enduring slaughter

Comes rushing in with blood and water

Our voices will bring about the end of all things

The oceans will resound with the fury that it brings

All peoples, all nations will join the chorus

Lifting a battle cry from deep within us

We will move in one accord

And raise our voices like a sword

To call down the sky

We long to bear witness to the death of death

To see the rising smoke of his final breath

To witness the destruction of all corruption

When prideful Earth is silenced

And there’s an end to violence

And every ear will be ringing

With the song the universe has always been singing

– Jason Wisdom 2013


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