DIY guitar amp simulator comparison

When I started recording demos for the Solamors project, I was laying the guitar and bass scratch tracks with plugins that I had made which were super CPU-lightweight so that I could run several instances and still record with as little latency as possible. Halfway through, I switched to a 64-bit DAW and had to use third-party plugins since mine were 32-bit only.

Well, I wasn’t too happy with the CPU load from the sims that I had, so I am dabbling again in DIY plugins.  Here is a video my first 64-bit full amp simulator, compared against some of my favorite aftermarket plugins. I ran each and then tweaked the settings on my plugin until they sounded similar, and then ran them through identical cabinet impulses and post-processing for a fair comparison. I think it holds up pretty well, and CPU use is low (2.4%) which is less than half the CPU load of any good-sounding amp sim I have — even with oversampling set as low as possible — and 10-15 times lower when oversampling is set high.

There are 3 sets of comparisons, each set has the original and then my plugin with similar-sounding settings. I used DI’s from the Solamors track “Dispelling Illusions” for the test.  You can see the settings I used for each plugin at the bottom. I’m going to keep tweaking, but it is a promising start. Watch in HD for best sound.


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