For fans of Megadeth, Living Sacrifice, and Solamors…

To honor the 25th anniversary of the release of Megadeth‘s game-changing album “Rust in Peace”, I got together with drummer Travis Turner (Solamors, Aletheian, Crutch, Unteachers, etc etc) and vocalist Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) and recorded a cover of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars… the Punishment Due”. The announcement was made on Travis and Steven Sarro’s (Tantrum of the Muse, Unteachers) podcast AsTheStoryGrows.

We will be releasing the song on the exact anniversary (Sept 24). Details on where and how to grab the song will be posted on the @asthestorygrows website and twitter feeds here: Website , Twitter , Facebook. There is also link on the podcast’s website to their iTunes page where you can grab a two hour long conversation/interview with Bruce. We will also try to get out a short supplemental podcast conversation with everyone involved (if time permits) before the 24th.

After the song drops, I’ll post more details here about the recording and production process since it ties in closely with many of the subjects covered here on my blog in terms of DIY software, hardware and recording/production.

(I’ll add a link to the track here as well as the next blog post, just so nobody misses it)


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  1. Matt Jordan

    will I ever get the CD I ordered a couple years ago?

    • Solamors CD I assume? I can send you out one. As you probably read at the time, everything got scrambled and I don’t have a complete record of who got what, so I have been getting them out as people contact me directly. I checked the orders and I don’t have you on there, but I’m sure it just got messed up, so don’t post your info here publicly… send me an email or message on Facebook/twitter with your address, I’ll drop one in the mail.

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