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I have been a guitarist/vocalist/whatever for various bands including Solamors, Aletheian, Becoming the Archetype, Crutch, Synoptic Rise, Various solo projects and other loud and obnoxious bands, etc etc.

I have also been an on-again-off-again bicycle mechanic to feed my love of human-powered locomotion.

Since the 90’s, I have worked as an audio engineer in both live, studio and mobile on-the-spot contexts in various capacities, involving myself in the recording/mixing/mastering of dozens of albums for various bands ranging from live theater to folksy-rock bands to the heaviest of metal projects. My area of expertise is extreme metal.

I am also a chronic electronic tinkerer with a deep love for designing and building electronic sound-producing and sound-manipulating gear. I have designed and built hundreds of guitar amps, effects pedals, preamps, guitar pickups, and pieces of studio recording and test gear that I have used on the various musical projects I have been involved in, as well as for profit… and just contributing designs and knowledge to the community of DIY gear builders in cyberspace.

In the last few years I have become increasingly interested in DSP coding, so I have been sharing much of that information with the community as well. My interest lies mainly in AudioUnits on OSX, but that spills into VST format and other platforms a bit.

I have also recently stepped into the world of FDM 3d printing and for desktop manufacturing and rapid prototyping, as well as revisiting the ‘old frenemy’ of CAD/CAM modeling, so stay tuned for more posts along those lines.

Currently I am working on several musical projects as well as several software and hardware projects, which will all hopefully reach fruition soon, but as always, going is slow for a one-man production team, so keep an eye out for progress updates.


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